Product Description

  • ● The light bleaching component decomposes persistent stains and odors by drying in a bright place (shows effects even in indoor light and shade drying).
  • ● Spray type that bubbles easily reach to the back of shoes.
  • ● Refreshing Sunshine Apple scent.
  • ● Manufactured in JapanHow To Use
  • ① Soak your shoes in cold or lukewarm water and spray directly.
  • ② Wash with a brush.
  • ③ Rinse well with water.Storage Condition
  • ● Cool & Dry Place, Away from Direct SunlightCaution
  • ● Wash hands thoroughly with water after use.
  • ● It may turn yellow when used on shoes that use water-soluble adhesives.
  • ● Do not leave the undiluted solution.
  • ● Avoid direct sunlight, do not place at high temperature.
  • ● Make sure to keep it at “stop”.
  • ● Do not spray with “Stop”.
  • ● Do not spray upside down