Product Description

ST Corporation Shaldan Suteki Plus Classy Candle

  • Selected Floral and Fruity Scent to Refresh The Air
  • Combined with Essential Oil with Perfume
  • Made In Japan
  • All-New Design
  • Ingredient
  • Perfume, surfactant (nonionic, anionic), gelling agent

    How to used
    ① Remove the lid
    ② Remove the aluminum seal
    ③ Replace the lid back and place at the desired location in Living Room /Bathroom / BedRoom

  • Cool & Dry Place, Away from Direct Sunlight

    ● This product cannot be eaten.
    ● Keep out of reach of infants.
    ● Do not leave it down.
    ● If the contents are spilled, wipe it off immediately.
    ● Do not place in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures.
    ● Hold the bottle when carrying.
    ● Do not use it for any other purpose. Be
    careful of accidental eating.