Product Description

ST Corporation Binchotan Drypet Dehumidifier for Wardrobe


Calcium chloride, water retention agent, activated carbon, bincho charcoal

How To Use
● Take out of the bag and hang it in a clothes dance or locker.
● When the white grains are gone and the whole is jelly-like, replace it.

Storage Condition
Cool & Dry Place, Away from Direct Sunlight

● This product cannot be eaten.
● Beware of infant mischief and accidental eating.
● If the drug gets on clothing or metal, or spills, wash it off well with water.
● Do not remove drugs or handle drug bags roughly. If the bag is damaged, discontinue use. The liquid may leak and contaminate the clothes and may deteriorate the leather products.
● Do not stain, wet, or squeeze the white absorbent surface. This may cause the liquid to seep out.
● Do not use it for any other purpose.